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Uniquely bridging the gap between corporate social responsibility and retention

As a diversity-certified enterprise, we recognize firsthand the transformative power of purposeful spending directed toward businesses from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the synergy of shared values is the linchpin that binds employees and clients to organizations. So much so that a pivotal 2019 study by Glassdoor revealed that 73% of today’s workforce steer clear of organizations whose values diverge from their personal convictions.

Yet, many companies struggle to genuinely and visibly showcase their corporate social responsibility (CSR) values, sometimes even sending conflicting messages that risk alienating essential stakeholders. (Ever gotten an all-waste gift from a company touting their commitment to sustainability? Yeah. Us, too.)

Moreover, cultivating deep bonds with valuable clients and dedicated team members is no longer a luxury but a prerequisite for powering sustainable growth and revenue. Authentic and purposeful engagement can mark the distinction between business triumph and downfall.

Enter Oak City Gifts.

We've refined the art of fusing CSR values with the retention of invaluable clients and team members via mission-oriented corporate gifting.

Our approach interweaves CSR values with engaging gifts and custom gifting strategies. These tactics don’t merely reflect a company's ethos; they also commemorate and celebrate key milestones, fostering genuine, authentic connections.

Our perspective on corporate gifting transcends the notion of it being a mere gesture or transactional exchange; we perceive it as a strategic asset that amplifies your brand while fortifying profit-driving relationships.

This innovative approach has guided clients, including industry giants like Marriott and Morgan Stanley, to transition from conventional, often overlooked gifting options to impactful, purpose-driven ones that radiate corporate social values.

The results speak for themselves. Leveraging nearly a decade of seasoned expertise, we've empowered our clients to strengthen critical relationships, enhance brand credibility, reduce attrition rates, and boost revenue.

Our thoughtfully crafted gift strategies have enhanced client relationships and driven tangible results. For instance, a financial services client experienced a $1MM investment boost from an existing customer after our expertly curated year-end gifting campaign.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that, while client results may vary, our consistency in delivering value doesn't waver.

If you're ready to experience the profound impact of well-executed gifting, we invite you to partner with us. 

Let's elevate your gifting strategy, bring your corporate social values to life, and keep your high-value relationships from leaving for the competition.

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    AAPI-Owned Business

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    LGBTQ+ Owned Business

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    Eco-Friendly Businesses

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    Women-Owned Businesses

Diversity & Sustainability Sourcing

Whether you aim to bolster your company's diversity spending goals or procure products that resonate with your corporate social responsibilities, we've got you covered through our extensive network of suppliers. 

Our key areas of focus for diversity & sustainability sourcing include:
LGBTQ+ Owned

We understand our clients because we’ve been in their seats. 

Today, we capitalize upon that experience to help companies strategically position themselves to retain valuable relationships through purpose-driven corporate gifting.

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During two decades in corporate marketing, our CEO, Kade Kimber, directed global teams and crafted data-centric strategies, including for top Fortune 500 companies. 

He realized many organizations were squandering opportunities to form genuine connections with their top teams and clientele through inadequate gifting strategies. This oversight often directly impacted revenues negatively, as clients and talent migrated to competitors who more successfully nurtured relationships.

In 2014, Kade embarked on an entrepreneurial venture to proactively combat that outcome, sparked by a successful Christmas ornament project that attracted a Raleigh-based firm's attention. 

Along with lessons learned via prior entrepreneurial pursuits, Kade leveraged his vast strategic and marketing knowledge to found a company focused on revolutionizing corporate gifting, helping transform how businesses connect with their high-value clients and teams. 

Our mission continues to be straightforward: to help companies make intelligent, strategic investments in relationship-building, ensuring every gifting dollar has a strong ROI.

We offer solutions that simplify gifting, aligning with your brand, your corporate social values, and your objectives to deliver priceless engagement at every spend level.

Featured Clients

We've been fortunate to work with clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. A sampling includes: