Semi-Custom Gifting

Our gift box designs; your branding

Make It Your Own

Our semi-custom gifting program lets you brand your gifts affordably, whether ordering in bulk or on-demand. 

It offers a cost-effective way to achieve a custom look with low quantities and a simple ordering process, making it perfect for impactful, hassle-free corporate gifting.

Standard vs. Semi-Custom

Key Details

  • Minimums
  • Pricing
  • How it Works
  • Timeline
  • shipping & Distribution
  • Re-Ordering

Our semi-custom options start with a minimum of just 25 boxes! 

Our semi-custom packaging pricing is straightforward. There's a $100 setup fee plus an $8 per-box fee. 

Setup Fee

The setup fee includes graphic design and printing setup with your chosen exclusive design. For reorders with the same design and notecard message, no additional setup fee applies.

If you have your own designer, we offer templates (AI or PDF) for a unique packaging design. When supplying your artwork, the setup fee is reduced to $50.

Per-Box Cost

Semi-custom packaging costs are added to the retail price of the curated box. For example, a $75 curated gift box becomes $83 with our semi-custom packaging.

You can add customized packaging to any curated gift box, While the gift box contents remain the same as what you see in the product pictures, your logo can get added to the packaging in a variety of ways to make it appear as a fully custom gift.

Here are some highlights and key points of our semi-custom gifting program: 

What's Eligible

You can choose any curated gift box for this program. 

You have the flexibility to mix and match gift boxes. 

Note: If you opt for the box sleeve for the exterior wrap, all of your gifts must use the same type of box, as sleeves are printed all at one time in one size.  

All-at-Once or On-Demand

You can buy gifts for one-time or on-demand use.

To apply custom packaging for on-demand orders, you'll simply enter an assigned code during each purchase on our website.


You pay the retail cost of the gift box, along with a one-time setup fee and our easy flat-rate per-box cost.  (See the Pricing tab for more information.) 

Total Upfront Investment

Your upfront investment includes the setup fee and the semi-custom packaging costs for your requested quantity. For instance, if you want 25 gift boxes, your packaging upfront investment would be $300 ($100 setup fee + 25 x $8).

For all-at-once orders, payment is made upfront. 

For on-demand orders, payment is made as you order directly from our website.

For semi-custom gift orders of 12 boxes at one time, expect shipping within 1-2 weeks after receiving your order, high-res logos (EPS or AI), and completed address template. Contact us for shorter timelines.

For orders exceeding 12 boxes at one time, contact us for a specific timeline based on your quantity.

Note: Delayed shipments often result from missing address templates. Please prioritize this task for a timely turnaround.

As with our custom orders, for semi-custom orders we can either ship each gift box individually to the recipient, or we can bulk package the gift boxes and ship them to you (or someone you designate) for distribution.


For individual shipments being done all-at-once, we'll provide you with an Excel spreadsheet template to populate with the recipients' shipping information. 


For on-demand shipments, you'll enter the recipients' shipping information each time you order, along with your unique code to let us know to use your custom packaging.

If you utilize all of your packaging and need to reorder later, you can do so without paying an additional setup fee so long as the design and packaging options remain the same as what you originally ordered!

Get More Information

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