Contract-to-Keys Program

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Introducing Contract-to-Keys: Our automated gift program for custom home builders and development-exclusive realtors!

Delight your clients with thoughtful gifts at key project milestones, while we manage the logistics. Enhance client experiences and build stronger relationships effortlessly.

Gift Automation Process

Initial Setup

We've created a web-based tracking sheet accessible through your client portal to monitor gift distribution and client progress in the gifting series.

Add Clients

When new clients sign contracts, your POC adds them and their shipping address to the sheet, triggering the first gift.


We adapt to changing building schedules by sending gifts when your POC signals it's time in the tracker, rather than relying on a fixed schedule.

Get Started in Just 4 Easy Steps

01. Pick a gift set level

Choose from four gift set levels, each with varying quantities, to customize your gifting program.

Additionally, consider our optional one-year anniversary gift. 

Get complete details by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

02. Select the milestones

Choose mid-project milestones (groundbreaking, framing, painting, landscaping) for client gifts based on your selected gift set quantity.

03. Determine a quantity

Minimum order: 6 gift sets. No expiration; order what you need, ideally annually, and we'll ship as required.

04. Payment, logo, & POC

After payment and logo receipt, we'll set up your program tracker and custom packaging. 

We'll coordinate with your designated company point of contact for a smooth process.

The Gifts

This is what's included in every gift set, plus the optional one-year anniversary gift:

CORE gifts & optional add-on

These are the milestone gift options, the quantity of which is determined by the gift set package you purchase:



What is included in each gift set?

All gift sets include contract signing and move-in gifts. Beyond that, the number of milestone gifts depends on your chosen gift set. For sets other than the 6-gift set (which includes all milestones), you decide which milestones to include. 

All clients receive the same gifts; it's not customized per client. Pricing includes custom packaging and shipping, featuring logo-printed gift tags and notecards with themed messages.

What are the costs of the program? Are the costs paid upfront?

All-Inclusive Pricing

- Setup fee: $295 (per logo/brand)

- Gift set pricing covers everything except sales tax (NC or UT) and optional one-year anniversary gifts.

- Includes graphic design fees, administrative fees, custom packaging materials, shipping costs, and personalized hammer for framing milestone gift.

- Gift sets start at $625.

Payment Options

Choose from two payment options:

1. Pay the setup fee and 50% of gift set cost upfront for the total quantity ordered. Pay the remaining 50% for each gift set when adding a new client.

2. Pay the setup fee and 100% of gift set cost upfront for the total quantity.

For the 3-, 4-, and 5-gift sets, can different clients receive different milestone gifts?

The gift set level you select, as well as the milestone gift(s) and any add-ons, apply to all clients to whom you gift; it is not on a per-client basis. 

Should you wish to have more than one gift set level used for your clients, a one-time setup fee and the minimum purchase of six gift sets will apply to each additional gift set level you choose beyond the first. This would apply if you want clients that fall within one price range to receive one gift set level, and those that fall in a different price range to receive a different gift set level.
What is the minimum order? What if I need to re-order?

Contract-to-Keys has a minimum purchase of six gift sets for any order, whether it's the initial order or a re-order. 

What is the schedule for sending gifts? Where are they sent?
Shipment Schedule
We rely on the tracking sheet and communication with your POC for timely gift delivery. New clients usually get their contract signing gift within 1-2 weeks. Your POC signals when to send milestone gifts, and we don't ship unless approved. We monitor the sheet weekly and send monthly reminders to your POC for updates. When the tracking sheet indicates the next gift in a series, it's sent within 1-2 weeks, unless your POC specifies a later date. 

For the optional one-year anniversary gift, we set a reminder one year after the move-in gift and confirm with your POC before shipping.

Shipment Address
Contract signing and milestone gifts go to the address where the client is residing during the time the home is being constructed, editable in the tracking sheet. Move-in and one-year anniversary gifts are sent to the new home's address, unless specified differently in the tracking sheet.
Can gifts be sent to clients already mid-project?
We can absolutely start sending gifts to clients you already have at various points in the build process! We simply prorate the remaining number of gifts they're to receive and don't include them in our minimum purchase requirement.
What if a product becomes discontinued?

Upon your deposit receipt, we order custom packaging and non-perishable items. If perishable products are discontinued or significantly price hike, we replace them with comparable or better items. 

In the rare case of a full gift box redesign due to multiple discontinuations, it keeps a similar theme, and existing quantities retain the same price.

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