Shoppes Gifting Platform

Our proprietary tool effortlessly simplifies semi-custom and custom gifting

Shoppes Overview

Shoppes, our exclusive corporate gifting platform, revolutionizes the distribution of semi-custom and custom gifts! 

Our comprehensive solution allows businesses to seamlessly outsource the sending of branded gift boxes through our intuitive Shoppes client portal. Additionally, with optional recipient-facing private gift Shoppes available at no extra cost, recipients can select their own gift from your branded Shoppe, providing any necessary personalization/sizing information along with their shipping address.

Private Gift Shoppes

Complimentary private gift Shoppes, which are akin to custom-branded company stores, can be integrated to allow recipients to select their own gifts while sparing companies from collecting shipping details or personalization/sizing preferences.

Customer Care

When utilizing Shoppes for gifting, we manage all aspects of your gifting customer care, including product inquiries and shipping issues, delivering significant time and effort savings for you.

Reporting & Analytics

No matter how a company chooses to customize Shoppes to suit their requirements, the streamlined dashboard in the Shoppes client portal offers seamless access to reporting and analytics, including shipment tracking and invoices. 

Complimentary Tool

The use of Shoppes, including for private gift Shoppes, is provided at no extra cost with any semi-custom or custom gifting order. That's right—free. 

"I look forward to working with you again in the future – you made it so easy for us!"


Ways to Leverage Shoppes

Companies can leverage and gain advantages from our Shoppes gifting platform in numerous ways. Here are some use case examples categorized by corporate function:

  • Sales

    • Prospect Outreach
    • Contract Closings
    • Client Onboarding
    • Client Engagement
    • Performance Awards
  • Marketing

    • Campaigns
    • Launches
    • Events
    • Annual Gifting
    • Brand Awareness
  • HR

    • Employee Rewards
    • Retention Initiatives
    • Life Milestone Gifts
    • Celebrations
    • Value Realignments

Shoppes: Semi-Custom vs. Custom Gifting

Shoppes can be customized to meet your corporate gifting requirements, whether you're sending semi-custom or custom gifts. There are unique advantages and operational differences for each type of gifting. Here are some of them:
  • Semi-Custom Gifting with Shoppes
  • Custom Gifting with Shoppes

Your Branding

Your branded gift tag and notecard (with your prewritten message or a custom one) are added to our pre-curated gift boxes

Exclusive Gifts

Client portal access allows you to select from our most popular and exclusive gift boxes not found on our retail site

Delivery Options

Choose between self-delivery or direct shipping to the recipient, all complete with your branded packaging

Bulk or On-Demand

Gifts can be shipped in bulk or on-demand, with payment required for gifts only at the time of order

Private Gift Shoppe

An optional, complimentary private gift Shoppe page, customizable with your branding and messaging, allows recipients to select gifts at your predetermined price point and provide their shipping details

reporting & analytics

Access the dashboard to monitor the status of gift orders, check remaining inventory of branded packaging, track shipments, print invoices, and more

Low Minimums

Minimal starting requirements (as few as 12 gifts) along with a one-time fee of $100 for packaging design and Shoppe setup

end-to-end Service

We handle all recipient inquiries related to products and shipments for private gift Shoppes

No Addresses

or Sizes Needed

Distribute your custom gifts without the need to gather shipping addresses or any related personalization or sizing details

Claim One or

Select Their Own

Utilize the Shoppe to allow recipients to claim their gift or, if applicable, to choose from multiple custom gift box options

One-Time Events or Ongoing Campaigns

Gifts can be distributed either within specific time frames, such as year-end or event gifting, or continuously through ongoing campaigns

Eligibility &

Security  Protocols

Effortlessly add approved gift recipients at any time, complemented by our advanced security protocols designed to block fraudulent orders; set expiration dates for gift claim eligibility, if desired

Highly Customized Private Gift Shoppe

Your complimentary private gift Shoppe page elegantly showcases your brand and messaging, incorporating multiple branding elements; you also have the option to provide a video we can embed for gift recipients to enjoy

Team-Centric by design

Allow multiple approved users from your company, each with their own individual dashboard access

reporting & analytics

Access the dashboard to monitor the status of gift orders, check remaining gift inventory, track shipments, and more

end-to-end Service

We handle all recipient inquiries related to products and shipments


How does it work for senders of semi-custom gifts?

For semi-custom gifting, Shoppes offers businesses an intuitive client portal for selecting gifts that are sent with custom-branded packaging. Gift options include our most popular pre-curated gift boxes, as well as Shoppes-exclusive gift box designs not found on our retail site. Simply log in to your client portal to send a gift, and we automatically package it with your custom-branded gift tag and notecard.

Because you pay for custom-branded packaging at the time of enrollment in our semi-custom gifting program, you then only pay for the gift box and shipping ($10.95 flat-rate within the continental US) when ordering gifts through the client portal. You can use your preprinted notecard (which is the default) or swap it for a custom notecard message. Notecards are located on the exterior of the gift box for easy access.

You also enter the shipment address, which can be for self-delivery or direct to the recipient.

What if I want recipients to select their own semi-custom gift?

Interested in allowing recipients to choose their own gifts that are sent with your branded packaging? Opting for an added private gift Shoppe (at no additional charge) allows for a custom-branded company store containing Shoppes-exclusive gift box designs at the price point you pre-select at the time the private gift Shoppe is created. Price point options are $99, $149, or $199; all pricing is hidden from recipients.

Recipients select gifts through a unique URL you distribute as you prefer. Upon gift selection, you'll receive an invoice. Payment for approved recipients triggers production and shipping. If a recipient is unfamiliar, do not pay the invoice and inform us to cancel the order. We fulfill orders only upon your payment, ensuring security against fraudulent activity.

Private gift Shoppes operate alongside the Shoppes client portal, giving you the flexibility to choose and send gifts as you prefer, while also enabling recipient-selected gifting.

What gifts are available for semi-custom gifting?

Semi-custom gift options in our Shoppes client portal include our most popular pre-curated gift boxes, as well as Shoppes-exclusive gift box designs not found on our retail site.

The selection of our most popular pre-curated gift boxes includes options tailored for various occasions such as celebrating new babies, promotions, wellness & self-care, housewarmings, office & productivity, thinking of you moments, and more. These gift boxes are available on our retail site.

Additionally, we include Shoppes-exclusive gift box designs not available on our retail site, which are tailored for realtor gifts, housewarmings, or general client outreach. These designs feature themes like charcuterie, home comfort, and game night. As these gifts are kept private, to access a catalog of our exclusive Shoppes gift box designs, please visit our Semi-Custom Gifting information page and fill out the contact form at the bottom.

Do I have to have a custom-branded company store/private gift Shoppe?

Not at all! Although recipient-facing company stores are a feature within our Shoppes platform, you have the option to opt out. In this case, you'll simply select a gift, provide recipient information (or opt to ship it to yourself for hand-delivery), and complete payment all within the Shoppes client portal. Your specific branded packaging will be automatically applied.

If you later choose to incorporate a private gift Shoppe for recipient-selected gifting, we can easily add one at no extra charge.

How does it work for senders of custom gifts?

For custom gifting using Shoppes, we collaborate with clients to select and customize gifts, adding them to a unique branded Shoppe page. This page offers various branding opportunities. 

Once created, clients receive a unique URL to share with recipients via email, company intranet, newsletters, greeting cards, QR codes, or other preferred methods.

How does it work for gift recipients?

Recipients simply visit the unique URL, select their gift, provide shipping (and personalization details, if applicable), and receive a tracking number once their gift ships. We handle all customer service inquiries.

Can an unintended recipient order? Who manages the process?

Unintended recipients and overordering by approved individuals are prevented. We maintain control by keeping the Shoppe URL private, using various security measures chosen by clients, and manually reviewing orders against these measures. 

Our team handles audits, recipient inquiries, and provides accessible contact information on the Shoppe page. 
Who’s it for?

Shoppes excel at handling large-scale gifting needs for marketing, events, holidays, and more. 

They're ideal for ongoing needs in agencies and firms like realtors, financial advisors, and attorneys, simplifying ongoing gifting and eliminating the need for recipient shipping addresses.

What are the minimums?

Shoppes serve two high-volume scenarios: one-time gifting (minimum 50 gifts at $60+/gift, all sent within 3 months) and ongoing gifting (starting at a $3500 non-refundable deposit, with a 50+ gift at $60+/gift commitment, all sent within 12 months). 

In the case of the latter, the deposit becomes store credit, never expires, and goes towards gift orders and shipping. Clients can replenish credit as needed, making it easy to test the program or use year-end budgets.

What if a product becomes discontinued?

Ongoing gifting has unique challenges like product availability and price changes. We guarantee product availability and pricing for six months after a Shoppe launches, and offer easy options if changes occur after that period.

Interested in having your own Shoppe? Let's talk further!