Branded Gift Shoppes

No need to track down addresses or decide upon just one gift option for everyone

Why Shoppes?

Shoppes simplifies high-volume gifting, eliminating address collection and gift selection headaches. Perfect for one-time events, ongoing campaigns, or routine gifting in quantities of 50 or more. 

Features include:

-Custom branding

-Client-provided messaging and/or video

-Recipient-provided addresses and choices

-Multiple security measures to prohibit misuse

-Full customer service support

-End-to-end gifting outsourcing

The Details

How does it work for gift senders?

We collaborate with clients to select and customize gifts, adding them to a unique branded Shoppe page. This page offers various branding opportunities. 

Once created, clients receive a unique URL to share with recipients via email, company intranet, newsletters, greeting cards, QR codes, or other preferred methods.

How does it work for gift recipients?

Recipients simply visit the unique URL, select their gift, provide shipping (and personalization details, if applicable), and receive a tracking number once their gift ships. We handle all customer service inquiries.

Can an unintended recipient order? Who manages the process?

Unintended recipients and overordering by approved individuals are prevented. We maintain control by keeping the Shoppe URL private, using various security measures chosen by clients, and manually reviewing orders against these measures. 

Our team handles audits, recipient inquiries, and provides accessible contact information on the Shoppe page. 
Who’s it for?

Shoppes excel at handling large-scale gifting needs for marketing, events, holidays, and more. 

They're ideal for ongoing needs in agencies and firms like realtors, financial advisors, and attorneys, simplifying ongoing gifting and eliminating the need for recipient shipping addresses.

What are the minimums?

Shoppes serve two high-volume scenarios: one-time gifting (minimum 50 gifts at $60+/gift, all sent within 3 months) and ongoing gifting (starting at a $3500 non-refundable deposit, with a 50+ gift at $60+/gift commitment, all sent within 12 months). 

In the case of the latter, the deposit becomes store credit, never expires, and goes towards gift orders and shipping. Clients can replenish credit as needed, making it easy to test the program or use year-end budgets.

What if a product becomes discontinued?

Ongoing gifting has unique challenges like product availability and price changes. We guarantee product availability and pricing for six months after a Shoppe launches, and offer easy options if changes occur after that period.

Interested in having your own Shoppe? Let's talk further!